Award Winners

Please honor the award winners by directing your attention to the Poster Prizes and Concluding Remarks.

Competition Details

The event will host a poster session from 11:45 am - 2:00 pm in Taylor Commons located at the Frick Building. We will be awarding a "Princeton Day of Optimization, Best Poster Award". The judges for this competition are Professor Nicolas Boumal, Professor Yuxin Chen, Professor Warren Powell, Professor Miklos Racz, Professor Peter Ramadge, Professor Robert Vanderbei, and Professor Mengdi Wang. Due to the large number of poster submissions we have received, winners will be chosen prior to the event based on a review of the electronic copies of the posters.

Participatory Requirements

  • Poster should be no larger than 30x40 inches. Both landscape and portrait formats are fine.
  • You are responsible for printing your poster and bringing it to the event at 8:00 am on September 28th.
  • We will provide easels, poster boards, and pushpins.

List of Entrants

Princeton Day of Optimization Poster Presenters

Poster #

Last Name Affiliation Poster Title
1 Erez Princeton University Estimation and optimization of mutual information used to improve cytometry
2 Singh Princeton University

The case for full-matrix adaptive regularization

3 Lu Columbia University

Managing customer churn via service mode control

4 Kunisky NYU

Equiangular tight frames and degree 4 sum-of-squares over the hypercube

5 Zhu University of North Carolina Sieve-SDP: a simple algorithm to preprocess semidefinite programs
6 Naghib Princeton University Fast Fourier linear programming with application to sphere packing
7 Pumir Princeton University Smoothed analysis of the low-rank approach for smooth semidefinite programs
8 Lu MIT Scalable huge-scale linear programming via first-order method
9 Johnson Princeton University General purpose adaptive Monte Carlo optimizer with acceptance ratio ...
10 Serra MERL Bounding and counting linear regions of deep neural networks
11 Weber Princeton University Riemannian Frank-Wolfe methods with applications to the geometric matrix ...
12 Agarwal MIT A marketplace for data: an algorithmic solution
13 Wangni UPenn Gradient sparsification for communication-efficient distributed optimization
14 Kenney Pennsylvania State University Efficient and effective L_0 feature selection
15 Liu GA Tech Towards acceleration tradeoff between momentum and asynchrony in ...
16 Dibek Princeton University A combinatorial approach for optimal coloring of perfect graphs
17 Sakr Columbia University A scheduling problem motivated by cybersecurity and adaptive ML
18 Chatterjee RPI From Dempster to Lyapunov: a dynamical systems interpretation of EM...
19 Lau - The multilinear minimax relaxation of games and comparison with Nash...
20 Bhandari Columbia University A finite time analysis of temporal difference (TD) learning...
21 Ma Princeton University Gradient descent with random initialization: fast global convergence ...
22 Zhang Rutgers University Robust vertex enumeration for convex hulls in high dimensions
23 Gaudio MIT On robustness and acceleration for linear dynamical systems
24 Bitar Rutgers University Codes for straggler mitigation in secure distributed linear regression
25 Flynn Brookhaven National Lab Finsler structures for neural network optimization
26 Tripp Syracuse University Structured sparsity promoting functions
27 Kobzar NYU Exact recovery in semidefinite relaxation of synchronization over the ...
28 Gatsis UPenn Optimization, control, and learning for the Internet-of-Things
29 Fallah MIT Robust accelerated gradient method
30 Sun Boston University ADMM for nonconvex semidefinite optimization
31 Cooper IAS The geometry of overparameterized neural networks
32 Pakniyat University of Michigan A semi-definite programming approach to finite-horizon stochastic optimal ...
33 Dahan MIT Strategic network inspection for resilience to correlated failures
34 Bandegi NJIT Convex relaxations for variational problems arising from self-assembly
35 Faal WPI Control function constriction via gradual refinement of time grid
36 Tasdighi Kalat WPI Space-time equivalence; a minimal computation approach to decentralized ...
37 Sun Johns Hopkins University SPSA method using diagonalized Hessian matrix
38 Oh Columbia University Directed exploration in PAC model-free reinforcement learning
39 Zhang Columbia University Legal assignments, the EADAM algorithm
40 Upadhyay Johns Hopkins University Differentially private robust PCA
41 Ullah Johns Hopkins University Streaming kernel PCA with $\tilde O(\sqrt{n})$ random features
42 Mianjy Johns Hopkins University On the implicit bias of dropout
43 Kelly Princeton University A comparison between cyclic coordinate descent and the parametric simplex ...
44 Qu Harvard University Achieving acceleration in distributed large scale optimization
45 Scope Crafts Emory University Multiresolution methods for convolutional neural networks
46 Zhang Princeton University On the complexity of testing attainment of the optimal value in nonlinear ...
47 Yagli Princeton University A technique for bounding the number of mass points for discrete optimal ...
48 Fazlyab University of Pennsylvania A control theoretic approach for the analysis and design of Douglas-Rachford ...
49 Franca John Hopkins University ADMM and accelerated ADMM as continuous dynamical systems
50 Shi Lehigh University A stochastic trust region algorithm based on careful step normalization
51 Grand-Clement Columbia University Robust data-driven decision making in healthcare
52 Wang MIT Optimal nonlinear trees for regression
53 El Khadir Princeton University Power and limitations of algebraic proofs of stability based on semidefinite ...
54 Shukla Columbia University Non-stationary streaming PCA
55 Zhong Princeton University Two near-optimal algorithms for phase synchronization
56 Yang Princeton University Near-optimal time and sample complexities for solving discounted Markov ...
57 Shi Princeton University The mirror relation in distributed optimization